Vacancies and Job Opportunities

The Broome County Department of Personnel posts current job openings. All hiring for these positions is done by the department with the vacancy. Contact information is listed on the details page for each job. A General Employment Application is necessary to apply for each of these positions. Positions are added to and removed from this list as the Department of Personnel is informed of the need to make changes.

All Job Vacancies

Account Clerk
Probation / Full-time / $13.7443/hr

Account Clerk
Village of Johnson City / Full-time / $29,250/yr

Airport Custodial Worker
Aviation / Full-time / $13.20/hr

Airport Operations Specialist Trainee
Aviation / Full-time / $18.49/hr

Assistant Chief Investigator
District Attorney / Full-time / $68,382/yr

Assistant County Attorney II
Legal Unit - Social Services / Part-time / $68,180/yr

Assistant Director of Information Technology
Information Technology / Full-time / $89,047

Assistant District Attorney
District Attorney / Full-time / $56,058/yr

Assistant District Attorney II
District Attorney / Full-time / $69,544/yr

Assistant Engineer
Public Works / Full-time / $41,955/yr

Assistant Public Defender I
Public Defender / Full-time / $54,949/yr

Assistant Public Defender II
Public Defender / Full-time / $68,180/yr

Automotive Mechanic
Building and Grounds / Full-time / $17.17/hr

Social Services / Full-time / $22.6404/hr

Caseworker Trainee
Social Services / Full-time / $20.4483/hr

Caseworker Trainee
Office for Aging / Full-time / $18.4998/hour

Certified Nursing Aide Instructor
Willow Point / Full-time / $61,155/yr

Certified Nursing Assistant
Willow Point / Full-time / $15.9247/hr

Chief Investigator - District Attorney
District Attorney / Full-time / $68,382/yr

Solid Waste Management / Full-time / $13.20/hr

Willow Point / Part-time / $13.2000hr

Coach Operator
Public Transportation / Full-time / $18.04/hr

Community Services Worker
Social Services / Full-time / $13.7443/hr

Computer Hardware Technician
Information Technology / Full-time / $20.4483/hr

Computer Programmer Analyst
Information Technology / Full-time / $64,229/yr