County-Wide Shared Services Initiative

Launched by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2017, the Shared Services Initiative mandates each county convene a panel of the elected leaders of the cities, towns, and villages to implement shared services to save money and minimize excess government. For more details on the program, visit the New York Shared Services Initiative here.

Virtual Public Hearings for the 2021 Shared Services Plan are scheduled for Tuesday, November 17 at 5p.m., Wednesday, December 2 at 12p.m., and Monday, December 14 at 1p.m. Zoom links will be posted here the day of the public hearing. 

To join the Zoom for Tuesday, November 17 at 5p.m., use this link.

Broome County Draft Plans

2020 Shared Services Draft Plan as of October 14, 2019

2020 Shared Services Draft Plan as of December 18, 2019

2021 Shared Services Draft Plan as of November 12, 2020

Broome County Submitted Plans

2018 Shared Services Plan Submitted on July 27, 2017

2020 Shared Services Plan Submitted on January 15, 2020